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May 18, 2017

BBQ Safety 101

When it comes to grilling out, there is no substitute. Everything from vegetable skewers to steak is infinitely better when you grill it up yourself. Whether you want to make delicious barbeque ribs or throw some burgers on the grill, you can rest assured they will be watering mouths throughout the entire neighborhood. There will not be any envious neighbors eyeing your delightful meals if you burn down your house by not practicing proper barbeque safety, however. In the United States alone, more than 7000 people are injured because of improper usage with their grills. To keep you from being one of many in such an unfortunate predicament, here are the best BBQ safety tips.

Tip #1: Keep your grill away from your house.

Though this may seem obvious, you would be surprised at how many people keep their grills close to home. In the garage, under the carport, next to the wooden siding—any of these locations could be disastrous for a grill out. Instead of running the risk of burning your entire home to the ground, keep your grill at least ten feet away from every part of your house.

Tip #2: Check your grill regularly for everything from gas leaks to cleanliness.

When your grill is dirty, there is a much higher chance of your food tasting horrible, but even more pressing is the increase in odds that you will be injured while using it. Grease and fat accumulate in the grill, and you do not want to be bent over inspecting the sear marks on your steak when the fire flares up because of inadequate cleanliness. Similarly, you should routinely check for gas leaks on the grill, because this can cause serious damage.

Tip #3: Do not turn on the gas when the lid is closed.

Unless you want to start a horrendous fire with a giant fireball hurtling towards your face, do not let the gas build up inside the confines of your enclosed grill before lighting it. You should keep the lid open and then light it, allowing the gas to escape into the atmosphere where it will not turn into a dangerous spew of fiery destruction.

Tip #4: Cook responsibly.

You should not leave your grill unattended, drink copious amounts of alcohol while cooking, or overload the grill with foods. All of these facets contribute to irresponsible grilling behavior that results in injury, especially when you do them at the same time.

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