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November 27, 2017

Top Grilling Gifts for This Christmas

If your dad or anyone in your family loves to grill outdoors, then there are plenty of gifts you can get for them which will put a smile on their face. The good news is that many items associated with grilling are inexpensive and quite useful so that you will see your gift at work each time the grill is fired up. Traditional gifts like aprons and BBQ gloves are a good place to start, but there are so many more gifts that are inexpensive and available. Here are 10 great grilling gifts for dad this Christmas.

Bacon Rack
For everyone who loves bacon, which is pretty much everyone, this specially designed rack sits atop your grill and allows for the bacon to be cooked to perfection.

BBQ Organizer
This simple organizer attaches to the side or leaf of the grill and holds all the necessary items from grilling tools to spices to paper towels so dad can take what he needs.

Clip-On Light
For early risers who want to get a start on their tailgating activities to late-night grillers who want that one last perfect burger, hot dog, or brat, a clip-on LED light is the perfect way to see what you are grilling.

Cooling Stick
For keeping your bottled beverage cold when grilling, this cooling stick fits inside and keeps the pop or beer at the right temperature even when near the grill.

Non-Stick Melter
A great way to melt cheese separately and without making a mess, the non-stick melter ensures that cleanup is a breeze after all the cheese has been melted.

Personalized Cutting Board
A good wooden cutting board is a great gift idea, but you can personalize it by adding your dad’s name or making a statement such as “World’s Greatest Griller” to make your gift unique and fun.

Portable Grill
Simple, inexpensive, and perfect for those who love to grill when camping or tailgating, a portable grill is a great way to take grilling on the road.

Sausage Grilling Basket
Cooking brats is no longer a chore as this specially-made grilling basket keeps them in one place and is easy to turn.

Steamer Brush
It’s best to clean the grill when it is still hot and that’s where the steamer brush comes to your aid. Just fill it up with water and start brushing away as the long handle protects your hands.

S’mores Rack
For those who love their sweets, the s’mores rack allows you to grill the perfect s’mores for your family while staying neat and clean.

Of course, it helps if you know exactly what they want, but if you don’t any one of these 10 gifts will be perfect. Keep in mind your gift should complement the grill your dad is using, so a wood carrying device would not be well suited to a gas grill. Still, you can have plenty of fun with any of these ten gifts designed for your dad who loves to grill at tailgating events, camping, or just out in the backyard.

October 25, 2017

History of How Grilling Began

The history of grilling or barbequing began during caveman times when our early ancestors started to cook the meat instead of eating it raw. It is assumed that someone placed the meat over a fire and discovered just how good it tasted. Cooked meat can also be digested more efficiently which gave cave people an advantage in keeping up their energy. While no one knows the exact date, cooking meat over an open fire could have started from 300,000 to 2 million years ago.

Over the centuries, people in all parts of the world cooked meat over an open fire and some even developed early grills or grates to hold the meat in place while it cooked. The earliest known use of the term “barbeque” comes from the Oxford English Dictionary which cites 1697 at the year when William Dampier, a noted British buccaneer, first coined the term. The term itself which can be spelled barbecue, barbeque, or shorted to BBQ or Bar-B-Q, may have derived from the Taino tribes in the Caribbean who would create a frame of green sticks and smoke or dry the meat over a flame.

It was around this time that barbeque feasts were being held in Jamaica with one pamphlet that was published in 1706 recording a rather large gathering that described how three entire pigs were cooked with brushes created to baste the meat with pepper and Madeira wine. This represented a change from the standard cooking meat over an open flame as it created the modern barbeque which became a social event.

While the initial information was published in England, it was the colonies which eventually became the United States that pursued the barbeque phenomenon. While popular across the country, the barbeque has become particularly important in the South and West arguably because of the warmer weather allowed for more outdoor cooking events to occur.

The first barbeque events in the US were mostly loud affairs filled with drinking, the early temperance movement of the 19th century toned down that aspect of the gathering. By the Civil War, barbeques became well suited for families as the events were often used to rally support for the troops on both sides of the conflict.

While barbeques were popular through the 18th and 19th centuries, it wasn’t until around the turn of the 20th century that foods for barbeques became commercially available. This allowed barbeques to spread from public events to backyard meals and those without a strong income could afford to cook the foods they loved. During this time, each region of the country developed its own style which still exists today.

In South Carolina, it’s pork barbeque while in Kansas City, the beef brisket or sliced turkey is cooked over oak, pecan, or hickory wood with a sweet, tomato-based sauce. In Texas, it’s pure cowboy style with meals cooked over mesquite wood. It is the variations of barbeque that continue today, even when using gas or propane stoves which cook the meat to perfection.

May 4, 2017

Sear Burning, Infrared, Rotisserie—What Does It All Mean?

Grilling is a popular hobby amongst the people of the world, and it can be an incredibly fun and rewarding venture to invest in. With so many different varieties of grills and meals that can be made, you might be excited by the prospect. Alternatively, with so much information that you need to have for proper usage and recipes, you might feel overwhelmed. To keep you from abandoning such a wonderful activity, here are definitive explanations of three common methods of grilling that you can easily understand and put to use.

What Is Sear Burning?

Many grills that you might run into on your quest to become a master griller will have specific designated areas for searing. These usually look like three burners really close together, and they have the ability to get incredibly hot more rapidly than any other part of the grill. Searing is usually done with steak, and it involves cooking both sides at a high temperature for less than five minutes. When you sear any food, you want to let the grill get up to 500 degrees. Searing produces the grill marks that so many people recognize, and it contributes to a quality taste with impeccable texture.

What Is Infrared Cooking?

An infrared grill is a newer option for the art of outdoor cooking, and it is essentially a gas grill with infrared plates that enable cooking. The newest grills have glass panels or plates that are positioned over burners, which enables grillers to sear meat evenly and without flare ups. This final factor is the most attractive, because flare ups are what make grilling dangerous and prone to injury. Almost all grills on the market will cook food evenly, but when the fat or grease drips onto the flames, the fire can become unmanageable momentarily. The benefits of infrared cooking have the potential to outweigh the standard grilling methods, but they do not currently make that significant of a difference.

What Is Rotisserie?

You would be hard pressed to find a grill that comes with a rotisserie feature already attached, but many places sell rotisserie kits that can be easily implemented with virtually any grill. The point of a rotisserie is to cook meat indirectly and evenly, so you would skewer your dish and let it rotate over the grill for the recipe recommended amount of time. Rotisseries can be used with charcoal, gas, and infrared grills.

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