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November 9, 2017

Healthy Alternatives When Grilling

At Kokomo Grills, we know everything about BBQ Grills and provide top rated BBQ kitchen and grill equipment. We are big believers in healthy grilling. Healthy grilling need not be a contradiction – you can have some of the tastiest and the most scrumptious grilled food without compromising on your weight loss goals.

Yes, we are aware that the typical BBQ fare isn’t highly regarded for being healthy, but there are so many healthy alternatives you can choose from when grilling.  Let’s take a look at some of the very best.

 German Potato Salad – The German Potato Salad is a delicious vegetable dish to which you add vinegar instead of mayo and rather than add bits of bacon, you add blocks of crisped tempeh. This is a sumptuous dish and one of the best healthy grilled alternatives for a BBQ party.

Grilled Fruits – Have you tried grilling fresh fruit as yet? It’s something you should certainly have a go at. Grilling fruits has the effect of caramelizing the natural sugars present in them. This is a great option for a delicious dessert to be served to the guests at the end of the barbeque party.  You can grill so many different fruits, from pecan pie and apple to banana pudding, mangos, pineapples and peaches. This is one of the most fun dishes you can grill for dinner.

 Grilled Veggie Dishes – There are so many wonderful grilled veggie dishes you can prepare, such as a veggie burger – which is a much healthier alternative to the traditional burger. Perhaps you have tried this one before? You can prepare your own version of a veggie burger from grated veggies and chickpeas. Cover the veggie burger by a bed of lettuce and serve it to your guests. That’s one of the healthiest alternatives to the typical grilled food. Low on carbs, great for weight loss! Don’t get confused by adding too many ingredients to the veggie burger, just stick to those that you are familiar with.

  Asian Style Stir-Fry – You can make the most sumptuous veggies by stir-frying them the way Asians do. Carrots and snow peas are just perfect for this method. You will need to get a stir-fry basket for the grill first. Add soy sauce or teriyaki glaze to the veggies and use any grilling technique that you’re familiar with. It’s simple enough, and the dish that you get has minimal salt, sugar or fat.

Grilled Veggies – You can grill veggies in the same manner as you grill fruits. You can grill a variety of veggies such as corn, potatoes, etc. Grilled corn is one of our favorite dishes. You can grill any vegetable that you grow in your home garden.

Grilled Lamb Chops – The Paleo Diet or the Caveman’s Diet as it is called, is very popular these days. Grilled lamb chops are very healthy, much healthier than pork ribs. A serving of grilled lamb has less than 20 percent of the fat contained in a similar serving of pork ribs, and is just as tasty. This makes grilled lamb chops a perfect dinner option for those who want to get started with the Paleo Diet.


June 13, 2017

What Seasonings Go With Various Cuts of Meat

The more you cook, the more you learn about seasoning. Different types of foods necessitate different types of seasonings. You wouldn’t use the same seasonings for tacos as for meatballs unless you were trying to be quirky. Seasonings convey cuisines and culinary techniques, and they can make or break a dish. When you are cooking meats, it is important to keep in mind the ethnic origins of the dish as well as the most commonly used spices so you can create a delicious meal. Here are some of the best seasonings to pair with different types of meats.

If You Are Cooking Beef…
When you cook everything from steak to burgers, there are a vast array of choices you can make to season your food appropriately. Steaks often necessitate different spices than ground beef, but there are certain spices that simply pair well with the natural flavor of beef. Onions and peppers are obvious, but sage, thyme, and nutmeg also make great contributions to the flavor. Bay leaf and marjoram can be added to create a unique twist on traditional beef dishes.

If You Are Cooking Chicken…
Many people find chicken to be an under-seasoned dish, and you should aspire to improve the reputation of chicken with flavorful spices. Oregano, paprika, and rosemary can all bring out the natural flavors present in chicken to create a remarkable yet subtle dish, but if you want to really kick your chicken up a notch, try adding ginger, sage, and tarragon to the mix.

If You Are Cooking Fish…
There are certain staples that go along with fish, like dill and lemon pepper, but there is a whole world of spices out there. You cannot limit your dishes to such confining options. Salmon tends to pair well with dry mustard, and tilapia tastes great with a dash of curry powder. You can add garlic, mint, or even cumin to really dazzle.

If You Are Cooking Pork…
With a traditional dish, like ribs or ham, you want to aim for a sweeter mix of seasonings to bring out the natural sweetness of the ham. You then want to contrast this sweetness with a kick of salt, but you don’t have to stop there. If you add garlic and onion powder with some ginger and marjoram, you can create a delightfully intriguing dish that makes a splash at any food-based social occasion.

June 5, 2017

How to Safely Connect Your Propane Tank During Parties

There is nothing more fun that grilling during a party. You get to enjoy a passion hobby of yours while providing delicious nourishment for your friends and family. This is usually a time of copious celebration, merriment, and wonder, all of which are amplified by good food and good people. You can contribute to the quality of the party with your grilling expertise, but only if your gas grill has been hooked up correctly. With the other stresses that go into planning a party, you might forget to replace your propane tank until the festivities have begun. Regardless of what is going on around you, if you want to grill you need to be able to safely connect your propane tank. Here is how to do so even in such a distracting environment.

Step 1: Set up your grill.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your grill is in a safe location, away from the partygoers and the structures nearby. You should turn the gas to the off position and remove the old tank from the grill before attempting to hook up anything else. The tank service valve hand wheel should definitively be off as well, which means turning it to the right. That will keep you safe when installing the new propane tank.

Step 2: Connect the gas line.

You can easily connect the grill’s gas line to the nozzle of the propane tank by turning the coupler to the right. This essentially means that you should tear off the perforated blue cap that covers the nozzle and screw in the line, which should be done tightly. You can ask the partiers around you to give you some space and allow you to work on this without interference, or you can request a specific individual’s assistance with the process.

Step 3: Turn on the gas.

Once you have made sure the gas line has been securely connected to the propane tank, you can carefully turn on the gas valve. Make sure your grill is completely open to avoid creating a hazardous fire. The valve is typically in the shape of a triangle, and it should be easy to turn. You can then turn on your grill and light it appropriately. Now you are ready to provide a wonderful meal for the partygoers without sustaining injury or damaging property.

May 8, 2017

Optimum Temperatures for Cooking Various Meats

Meat is a tricky subject. On one hand, it is a delicious centerpiece for any meal, offering nutrients and flavor in vast quantities for each and every person. On the other, it can make even the most resilient of people heinously sick if it is not cooked properly. Grilling meat is a dangerous game, but it does not have to result in the violent illness of every consumer. You can conquer the grilling game without much effort, as long as you know what constitutes well-cooked meat. The temperature varies depending on the meat you cook, so here is a comprehensive breakdown of the best heats, both taste-wise and health-wise, for the most popular meats.

Chicken: Whole
When you want to cook a whole chicken, it is important that you keep the temperature in mind. Undercooked chicken can cause a significant amount of intestinal distress, and you certainly do not want to inadvertently poison your family and friends. When cooking a chicken whole, you want to make sure the internal temperature of the meat reaches 165 degrees.

Chicken: Parts
The breast and thighs are the most popular parts of the chicken, and they should be cooked accordingly. They require an internal temperature of 175 degrees, and to achieve this without overcooking, you should grill them slowly and evenly.

Steak: Rare
To achieve a delicious rare steak that will not inhibit the consumer with digestive duress, you should sear the meat on both sides for at least two minutes. The internal temperature should be at least 125 degrees, and this is easily achieved with the simple searing routine.

Steak: Medium
A medium steak is a slightly different story, because the steak itself should be reaching a higher temperature throughout. Medium indicates an internal temperature of 130 to 150 degrees, depending on the extent. The closer to 130, the more rare, while the closer to 150, the more well done. The cooking temperature varies, with most people recommending a balance between the two extremes.

Steak: Well Done
A well-done steak has to reach at least 155 degrees internally, and it should, therefore, be left on the grill for a longer duration of time. After you have seared the steak, you should move it to a cooler part of the grill and cook it with the lid closed. You do not need to flip it when it cooks like this.

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