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July 6, 2017

Choosing NG (Natural Gas) vs LP (Propane)

Choosing how to power your grill or cooktop is a difficult decision. Both natural gas and propane come with their advantages and disadvantages, so which are you going to choose? There is no clear winner here, sadly, and you will have to look at them from a personal, individual viewpoint. You will want to make sure that they fit your specific needs and expectations currently and well into the future. After all, changing them can be difficult, especially if you have a line for natural gas installed. Choose the one that is a right fit for you from the start and keep yourself happy for a long time to come.

Natural Gas
Natural gas is a natural resource – meaning we can run out of it. Right now, however, there is already a lot readily available to most people. This includes metro areas, where natural gas is most often found. In major cities, there are lines for natural gas connecting most homes and businesses. For this reason, it is the obvious and sensible choice for businesses and individuals in major cities.

Alongside availability, it is also the cheapest option. Natural gas, being so widely available and easily accessible, costs the least. While it will require a full installation, it pays for itself over time if this is something you use continuously. For restaurants in areas with available natural gas, it is the financially smart choice.

The majority of people know about propane, being one of the most popular options for grilling and cooking. Portable, easy to get, and highly effective, it is incredible. It gives you a great flame every time, making for great meals. Since you can get it anywhere and bring it anywhere, it is perfect for nearly any person. In areas without natural gas, it is one of the few alternatives available.

It does cost a little more and will require filling up, or replacement, on a regular basis. However, since you can choose when to replace or refill, that is within your control. You can go to a store to refill propane tanks or have a service come to you – that is up to you to decide.

Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages, again. They are good for different types of people, depending on what they need and want. Choosing between the two requires knowledge of what would work for you and you alone. Only then can you know which is the best option.

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