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June 23, 2017

Lets Grill The Perfect Steak!

Summertime is finally here and nothing screams Summer like Summer BBQ’s with Steak! Steak is a staple dish that many wish to conquer, and grilling the perfect steak is a challenge. As a delicious and wonderful meal with so much flavor potential, steak is arguably the most incredible dish to serve for any occasion. If you can master the art of grilling the perfect steak, you can automatically impress anyone and everyone. Whether you want to grill for your girlfriend or your family, you can figure out how to put a unique and impressive spin on this traditional meal that causes mouths to water every time you fire up the grill. Ribeye, filet mignon, and sirloin are the most common steaks people cook, and you can learn just how to grill the perfect steak with these steps.

Step 1: Get Cooking

You cannot possibly cook anything without first firing up your grill. Steaks need to be cooked at an incredibly high temperature, the more searing the better. Light up your grill and let it get nice and hot before you start doing anything else. Make sure you arrange the coals to a two-zone fire, which is optimal for cooking steak. You should add the grate after you have arranged the coals, and give this metallic counterpart time to get hot before you begin. Coat the grill grate in oil with a brush or a carefully maneuvered paper towel with tongs, to ensure proper steak cooking.

Step 2: Prepare the Meat

Regardless of what type of steak you are making, you need to let it reach room temperature and trim the excess fat in order to help it become the perfect meal. When you are wondering how to grill the perfect steak, you might think that the fat will add more flavor. In truth, the fat will cause excessive flare ups and potentially ruin the meal. You should season the meat appropriately, according to taste. Salt and pepper are optimal ingredients, but lemon zest and cayenne have their appeal as well.

Step 3: Pop It on the Grill

This is the fun part of the cooking process. When grilling, place the steak at the hottest region on the grill. Usually, you want to put it right above the coals. Leave the steak alone for no more than four minutes, and then flip it. You do not want to move it around at all, and you should watch out for any flare ups that might occur from dripping fat. Once you have seared it on both sides, move it to a less-potent area and wait until it has reach the right level for your preference.

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