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Purchase Our Outdoor Kitchen In-Home Warranty, it provides protection and a peace of mind that we will come out and repair your Outdoor Kitchen if you have any defective items. Coverage includes repairs and replacements; there is no limit to how frequently you can use the repair service within your one year in home protection service plan. Call now to purchase your extended In-Home Warranty for a one time fee of 500.00 plus a 150.00 per inhome service visit. See coverage below:

Warranty Coverage Limited Warranty Is Labor Included Without Protection Plan 1 Year Of Labor Included With Protection Plan Service Call Fee With Protection Plan
Gas Appliance Lifetime Limited NO YES $150
Stainless Steel Accessories 1 Year NO YES $150
Metal Framing Lifetime Limited NO YES $150
Stucco 5 years NO YES $150
Tile 5 years NO YES $150
Aluminum Canopy Lifetime Limited NO YES $150
Palapa Canopy 5 years NO YES $150
Electrical Systems 1 Year NO YES $150
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Service Agreement
Warranty is only applicable for original purchaser at original site of product delivery.

In order for us to determine an In-Home Service is required you must purchase the Extended Warranty Plan and that the product is covered under manufacturer warranty. submit your claim below. We will review your claim and respond with results and lead time to do the repair.

For every in-home service we provide the customer agrees to pay $150.00 service fee and will make this payment to initiate the repair service process.

If customer chooses to have items shipped the customer will need to pay for all shipping charges to and from our service repair department.


  1. Gas Grills – (Lifetime) Limited warranty against manufacture defects. See grill manual.
  2. Stainless Steel Accessories (1) year warranty against manufacture defects. See warranty table for more details.
  3. Metal Framing – (Lifetime) limited warranty against manufacture defects.
    Metal Studs will not bend or warp and will hold up your BBQ for the life of the Outdoor Kitchen
  4. Stucco Finish – (5) year warranty against manufacture defects
    Synthetic Stucco is designed to flex and contract with the weather to prevent large cracking in the stucco. Our stucco may get hairline cracks that are not covered under warranty unless the crack is wider than the thickness of a quarter’s edge.
  5. Tile Finish – (5) year limited warranty against manufacture defect
    Our products do flex and contract with weather and tile may get hairline cracks that are not covered under warranty unless the crack is wider than the thickness of a quarter’s edge.
    Natural stone/tile and grout also require sealer annually from staining, fading, or scratching. This is also not covered under warranty as natural stone requires maintenance to prevent from damaging.
  6. Aluminum Canopy- (Lifetime) limited warranty against manufacture defects
    The metal will not split, nor will the finish chip, peel, flake and/or blister under normal wear and tear conditions.
  7. Palapa Canopy – (1) year limited warranty against manufactures defects.
    Lodge Poles and Thatching are natural pine wood poles and palm prawns. Lodge poles and the thatches can dry out, crack and/or bend naturally due to the outside weather. Using sealer and routine maintenance will extend the lifetime of the palapa. The warranty does not cover damage due to rain, wind or drying out as it is a natural product. Palapas will need to be trimmed as they will stretch over time if ignored they will be damaged. be sure to wash your palapas when first purchasing this will make sure they are clean from natural oils that can stain your bbq island or concrete.
  8. Electrical Systems inside Islands – (1) year limited warranty against manufacture defects This does not cover rodents eating wires or light bulbs that burn out.This in-home warranty plan is for one year from the date of delivery and cannot be extended for any reason.

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